Baby Ear Deformities

Ear deformities are seen in approximately 25% of babies at birth, and 3-5% of them require ear shaping. Baby ear molding can be applied especially to babies in the first 2 months of age. The earlier treatment started, the higher the chance of success of the treatment.

CranioWell Baby Ear Shaping Kit

Baby ear molding procedures are painless and provide permanent improvement by choosing the appropriate patient application age.

Treatment and follow-up of ear deformity should be done under the supervision of a physician.

How to Fix?

If you are worried about your baby’s ear deformity and wondering how the CranioWell ear shaping apparatus works, let us explain. In fact, the problem arises from a congenital deformity in your baby’s ear cartilage.

While the shaping and recovery potential of the ear cartilage is best in the first month, ear deformities can be easily corrected with CranioWell by the second month with the ear shaping set. Read for details

Are you a doctor ?

Our CranioWell baby ear shaping set is an effective and reliable method for correcting ear deformities in babies in the first 2 months of age. Pediatricians, ENT specialists, family physicians and plastic surgeons can easily use this set.

If you would like to benefit from bedside and online training on baby ear shaping, available on our website, you can contact us. You can call 0312 283 2691 for information.

CranioWell Baby Ear Shaping Set

Treatment option for congenital ear deformities. When baby ear deformities are noticed in the first days, they can be treated with early intervention and silicone molding methods. With the ear deformity molding system we have developed, we aim to correct the ear deformities of babies.

Treatment for Ear Deformities

Things to Consider in Ear Deformities

To increase the effectiveness of treatment for ear deformities, the duration of treatment and the start time of treatment are interrelated.

3 weeks for 15 -21 days old baby

4 weeks for 4 week old baby

5 weeks for 5 week old baby

6 weeks for 6 week old baby

An 8-week treatment plan should be made for an 8-week-old baby.

When Can Ear Deformities Be Treated?

When baby ear deformities are noticed, treatment should be started as early as possible, as the ear cartilages begin to harden rapidly after birth. The most successful results are obtained with the first two weeks of treatment.

Application should be done by physicians

Molding procedures for baby ear deformities should only be performed by physicians. The practitioners of the CranioWell ear shaping set are physicians. You can contact us through our contact form to get information about the set and your training requests .

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Based on our clinical experience, our Baby Ear Molding Set is proprietary.


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