Welcome to our portfolio of before-and-after photos of babies who have undergone ear correction using the Craniowell system.

Baby ear molding procedures provide permanent improvement with painless, painless and appropriate patient admission age selection.
Ear deformity treatment and follow-up should be done under the control of a physician.

The earlop lift correction

When baby ear deformities are noticed, treatment should be started as soon as possible, as ear cartilage begins to harden quickly after birth. The most successful results are obtained with the first two weeks of treatment initiation.

Stahl’s ear deformity correction
infant ear corection system

Ear deformities in infants refer to abnormalities in the shape, size, or position of one or both ears.

Conchal swelling correction

Baby ear deformities molding procedures should only be done by physicians. Physicians are the practitioners of the CranioWell ear shaping kit.

Rising ear lop correction

The Craniowell system is a non-invasive, painless method for correcting ear deformities in babies. It uses a set of custom-designed ear molds that gently reshape the ear cartilage over time, resulting in a more natural and balanced appearance. The before-and-after photos in this portfolio showcase the remarkable results that can be achieved with the Craniowell system. Whether your baby has prominent ears, cupped ears, lop ears, or any other type of ear deformity, this system can provide a customized treatment that is tailored to their specific needs.

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